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Short Story: I made these templates out of frustration of the traditional ways like , , , in my case this template helped me save more time creating BMC's and Lean Canvas, I hope it saves you more time too. Spend your time adding thoughts, not fixing formation!

Full Story: I don't know if it's just me or is there's somebody else struggles with creating and editing business model & lean canvas?The templates mostly are available in , , or XLS formats, which makes using and editing them digitally , and printing them is so unnecessary in most cases.

Designed with Lean Thinking in mindI also tried other plan creation tools like , and it turns out that it's more like mind mapping which was an experience that I didn't enjoy (maybe you will), and it was so basic and doesn't give me much freedom to track changes or add feedback quickly.
There has to be a better way!
2 days ago, I was creating a Lean Canvas for my latest project, and I said that's it, there has to be a better way! I thought that a great way to build it would be using Notion.
Scratching my own itch!
The first thing I thought about was Notion, so I searched their templates and some other communities that share pages and templates but I found none. I must say it felt a bit weird that nobody thought of making one on Notion, so there was no other way but to make one myself.
So I dedicated the day to building notion templates to make it easier for entrepreneurs to create BMC's and Lean Canvas focusing only on the thoughts, not the formation while having the ability to track every aspect and make changes without pain.
Create BMC's as fast as you can think of it

It took me some time to create the template, but it saved me way more time than I could spend on any other available template right now, filling the template was super easy, and tracking changes and testing my hypothesis will be much easier and faster thanks to how powerful notion is.
I'm sharing these for all my fellow entrepreneurs to help end this struggle, FOREVER.Ready to use and easy to fill Business Model Canvas & Lean Canvas.
Both Canvas are prefilled with Uber example to help you better understand each element.
Each element has a question that should help you focus on adding accurate hypothesis.
Easy to change and edit, also easy to track changes and pivots.Easy to share and can be viewed anytime, anywhere.Looks beautiful on every device. helpful tips for using this template the right way.

Full tutorial will be available on YouTube soon.

Designed with ❤️ by Ali RashidyTwitter - Facebook - Product Hunt - EmailWant to manage your entire startup in Notion? Check out  Notion Starup OSThe fastest & easiest way to Plan, Launch, and manage your startup, right inside Notion.

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  • I made these templates out of frustration of the traditional ways like pdf, pptx, xls, in my case this template helped me save more time creating bmc's and lean canvas, i hope it saves you more time too. 
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